About me

Khoironi Kurnia Syah


Hi! I am Roni. As a mathematics student I like to learn something that can solve problems like web development and machine learning.

On the sidelines of class time I always take the time to write code. I have passionate in backend, but i do frontend when bored. Write code in Javascript, Typescript, Python, PHP for now and Golang in the future.

I have made some projects but i need to improve it and then I can contribute to other. I want to contribute to as many open source projects as possible.

I also want to write at least once a month on Medium so that I can improve my writing and be understood by others.


  1. Fullstack Web Development at Synrgy Academy

    Synrgy Academy Scholarship by BCA x Binar Academy Batch 5

  2. Mathematics at Universitas Lambung Mangkurat


    Take machine learning as a field of study